How to get involved and Lobby for the Cannabis Industry

One of the best services that the USA Cannabis Coalition provides to its members is the lobbying it does on behalf of the marijuana industry. While many view the term “lobbying” in a negative light, the reality is it’s an essential process to get things done and to make your business known to lawmakers and

Historical Summer awaits – HEMP 2015

2015 Hemp Planting season is upon us and we need your help. The NWCC is organizing farmers/applicants to assist in the first round of Industrial Hemp planting in Oregon. We need license applicants for crops and seed production for large scale operations in 2016 and beyond. If you have a license or know someone who

Cannabis Hemp Cross Pollenization and Being a Good Neighbor – How Close is Too Close?

The question facing states which now allow or will allow both Cannabis and Industrial Hemp growing is how close can the two different plants be to one another to alleviate or reduce the chances of cross-pollination with each other? That in itself is a basic agricultural question which has been asked and evaluated for as

Biting the Hand That Feeds You (or on this case) the Hand That Pays You

John LaBossiere: We have all heard the saying " don't bite the hand that feeds you". We know it to mean that if someone or something is doing something good or beneficial to you or for you, don't do anything to screw it up...right? Looking at it from a financial standpoint it might mean that

Ready, Get Set, Grow!

To get a sense of the incredible changes and dynamic movement taking place in the what is to become the next "gold" rush of our lifetime just turn back the clock a few years and look at the staggering number of new business start-ups that have occured in the Cannabis industry. The cannabis Industry as

Town to be Re-invigorated by Cannabis Businesses

Bob Young - Seattle Times: After voters legalized marijuana in Washington, Seattle nightlife entrepreneur Marcus Charles went hunting for a depressed timber town. Owner of the Crocodile Café and co-founder of the Capitol Hill Block Party, Charles wanted to jump into the emerging pot industry. His first impulse was to find a city with vacant

Where Oh Where has all the Hemp Gone?

John LaBossiere: Hop in your time machine and jump back to the year 1791 on our former President George Washington's plantation. What you would find growing there among other crops would have been a significant portion of Hemp. At that time in our history hemp farming was not only politically correct but a necessary and

Experts Say Big Tobacco, Pharma & Alcohol Coming for Marijuana Industry

Tony Dreibus -  The tobacco, pharmaceutical and alcohol industries are looking to get into the marijuana industry and plan to capitalize on the leverage those already in the cannabis space have built, several experts speaking at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo said on Friday. “The inconvenient truth is that Big Tobacco is coming

Marijuana Dispensaries for Medical or Recreational purposes, and their future with Conventional Banks

Beginning about five years ago, the legal domestic (USA) cannabis industry has grown exponentially. In 2013, it was reported that the revenues from sales of Medical (MMJ) and Recreational marijuana (MJ) were approximately $2.3 billion dollars. Estimated forecasts indicate that by 2020, annual revenues could range from a low of $35 billion dollars to a

Cash for Cannabis

There is an incredible amount of interest and activity in the industry today. There are now 24 states that have legalized marijuana for a variety of medicinal conditions and some have recreational forms as well. There are approximately 3000 dispensaries in the United States now and many more on the planning board. The medical marijuana