One of the best services that the USA Cannabis Coalition provides to its members is the lobbying it does on behalf of the marijuana industry. While many view the term “lobbying” in a negative light, the reality is it’s an essential process to get things done and to make your business known to lawmakers and legislators. Remember, the First Amendment to the Constitution allows you to lobby to your elected official on behalf of ANY cause.

Part of the lobbying process for the USA Cannabis Coalition is to educate elected officials on all policy issues regarding cannabis, as well as industry business practices and how cannabis impacts the general community as a whole. Doing this on a continual basis builds a relationship with those elected officials and it’s that relationship that many times becomes the driving force for change.

You need to understand the legislative process in and out. Lobbying takes a lot of work, time, and effort! If you really want to understand basic parliamentary procedure and understanding the legislative rules in your city or state, read “Robert’s Rules of Order” – then ask yourself if you want to do this for yourself.

Transparency is very important when interacting with elected officials. Lobbyists that are paid are regulated by the Secretary of State and sign a  contract with a client to represent their interests and file paperwork disclosing all client info along with any compensation they may receive, including stock ownership and other perks. Volunteers register with the Chief Clerk of each state house and are not required to submit any disclosure reports. Unpaid lobbyists require no background checks and  don’t need any credentials at all, other than the passion to advocate for whatever cause they believe in.

The USA Cannabis Coalition believes in the future of the Marijuana industry as a real business and we do everything it takes to further that cause and the causes that are important to our membership. But like all coalitions, we need your input and participation to make things happen. Join us and enroll in our vision!